Missions, Devotion, Service

Defining Who We Are...

  • The emblem of the Woman's Auxiliary reminds us of the threefold purpose - missions, devotion, and service. 

    • The predominant emphasis is missions; therefore, it serves as the foundation of the auxiliary's goal.

    • Devotion on the right side of the triangle indicates the need of spiritual preparedness in order to perform personal service, which is shown on the left side of the triangle. 

  • The triangle symbolizes

    • The Holy Trinity, and it suggests that the Great Commission to evangelize the world leads to personal devotion and resultant service.  

    • The points of the triangle are rounded. This suggests the flow of each of the lateral qualities into the other, thus creating a perpetual association of the three.

  • The circle with the words "Woman's Auxiliary" suggests the unbroken unity in service for the Master for which our women strive.

  • The globe is the world, which is our parish.

  • The cross with its message of redemption is superimposed upon the globe and suggests that our main purpose is the giving of the gospel to all people.

  • The colors of the Woman's Auxiliary are silver, royal blue, and Carolina blue.

    • Silver suggests the genuine quality of our threefold purpose. 

    • Royal blue reminds us that we are constantly in the service of the King.

    • Carolina blue, like the blue sky above, speaks to us of the unlimited horizons in the scope of our Christian endeavors.


"I can do all things through Christ"

(Philippians 4:13)

"Women Working Together in Christian Service"


"In Service of the King"


Woman's Auxiliary Convention of
Original Free Will Baptist

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