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Suggestions for Planning Study Courses

These books and other media should present a variety of ideas in studying God's Word, The Bible. These are great titles and encourage study on different topics. invite auxiliaries and churches that do not plan a study in their churches to join with you in your next study course. GROW in the Word by choosing one of these listed titles and reading it yourself. Many have and electronic version you can download.  God bless you as you study and grown spiritually this year. 

Ordering Materials

Please shop for your study course materials at our denominational bookstore, Cross & Crown christian Store, a division of free Will Baptist Press Foundation, Inc. you can place orders toll free at 1-800-849-3927 or through their website:

Ideas and Thoughts for all Auxiliary Members and Leaders


  • Collaborate and Delegate

  • Plan all events for year (devotion, service, missions)

  • Have something for everyone


Large group/Small group

  • Large group - meet quarterly

  • Corporate worship and devotion

  • Community outreach projects, service and planning

  • Themes (2-day conference, slumber party, fashion show, etc.)

  • Small group - monthly

  • Categories for women (age, interests, life situations, etc.) 

  • Some examples include scrapbooking, couponers, singles,

  • mothers of small children, cooking club, and the list goes on!!

  • More intimate connections and friendships

  • More intimate devotions and time for encouragement

  • Small group leaders plan outing appropriate for their groups' needs



  • The need to be in the Word through in-depth Bible study

  • Benefit - Closer bond formed with our Heavenly Father and with each other

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